MR was created in 1989 as a service company to efficiently serve Spanish companies that wanted to exhibit at fair complexes in other countries and needed a specialized service which would organize the entire design and construction of their stands.

30 years later, the internationalization of the market means that what in the past was an option is now a need. What began as a small company has now become a major service company in the sphere of fair marketing, events and temporary construction.

Today, MR works mainly on the organization of grouped exhibitions, for associations and institutions. Both Spanish and foreign institutions place their trust in us:

Over 600 French companies have contracted MR at over 30 fair complexes throughout Europe.
Over 100 Turkish companies have contracted our services for exhibitions in different Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.
The same is true of institutions from Morocco, Chile and many other countries.

We design, manage and construct over 1000 stands at over 50 fair complexes.


Creativity is applied in the designs, in the development of the corporate image, new products and, especially, the work systems.



The fact that we are present at fair complexes worldwide makes us visible to our clients, so, in the majority of cases, the commercial relationship takes place in the fair complex itself.



Mr is international offering our services in many international fairs.

EUROPE.Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland and Moscow.

ASIA. Arab Emirates, China y Japan.

AMERICA. Canada, Mexico y Brasil.

AFRICA. South Africa.